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African Union (AU)

Note: This is an intermediate committee and is available to delegates from all years.


Topic 1: Re-examining the preventive and counter-terrorism strategy of the African Union

Topic 2Protecting internal freedom of movement in the Migration Policy Framework

Group Portrait

Sofia Waas Perumal
Head Chair

Hi, I am Sofia and I will be co-chairing the YouthMUN African Union, 2023. I am a first year International Relations student at LSE and have participated in MUN during high school alongside gaining experience as a debating coach and judge. I see MUN as a simulation of modern politics that is often able to capture the nuances of how foreign policy is conveyed through the personalities and tactics of different diplomats. As a result, I anticipate that each delegation will have unique perspectives to bring to the discussion and stress the importance of not being afraid to make mistakes or engage in debate. MUN is notoriously formal in terms of protocol however I am here to help you through the process and am always happy to explain rules of procedure or answer any questions you may have without judgement. The African Union is a highly dynamic organisation and I know that our committee will produce stimulating responses to key policy outlooks and conflicts in the region. Best of luck in you preparations!


Luke Hynes
Vice Chair

Hi, I'm Luke and I will be your vice-chair for the African Union committee at LSE YouthMUN 2023. I am a first year History student at the University of Warwick. MUN is a great experience, and, having been a delegate at 2 conferences before, I hope to bring my experiences and understanding to chairing your debates, and hope to be able to create a welcoming and fun environment for debate to take place. MUN is a place to learn about public speaking, debate, politics, and the world as a whole. Therefore, participating as a delegate in MUN is something to look forward to and use as an opportunity to expand your knowledge, and so bringing lots of distinct perspectives, as well as the intention to learn from mistakes and be able to build from them are key aspects when taking part in an MUN conference. While MUN obviously is a very formal environment for discussion, it doesn't always have to be completely serious, you are allowed to have fun! That's why I believe that all delegates must come to have a great time and enjoy themselves, while being able to have effective debates and take memories away from the experience. I wish everyone a great time, and hope to see you in our committee!

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