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Special Crisis Committee:
The Second Falklands War

Note: This is an advanced committee and is only available to Sixth Form delegates (Years 12-13). Currently there is a cap of 30 delegates in this committee due to staffing (crisis committees require a small delegate to staff ratio), hence we recommend that you apply into this committee as early as possible to guarantee a spot. To ensure maximum participation from different schools there may be a cap on the number of delegates each school is allowed to send.


8 September 2026

After years of decline in Britain's global prominence, Argentina’s coalition government has ordered the second the invasion of the Falkland/Malvinas Islands in order to finally retake the territory which they deem as rightfully Argentinian. 

Britain’s government, made up of a Conservative-Labour coalition, has been taken by surprise. Having remained persuaded that Britain could still exert influence across the world, it has now found itself to be over-extended in such a way that it is struggling to cope with this crisis. 


Argentina, whose coalition government has struggled to maintain support of the population due to political infighting and economic slowdown, now hopes that the successful capture of the disputed islands will give it the popularity boost needed to keep going, and prevent a national collapse. But, they remain conscious that a weakened Britain is not a defeated one, the islands have not yet been fully taken and the memories of the last war remain very much present. 


Much of the world now has little care for British and Argentine complaints over a territory of overall little value to those beyond the two conflicting nations. No one wants to fight a war for Britain’s pride, nor does anyone wish to aid Argentina in what could be another exceptional failure. This conflict is solely between Argentina and Britain, and its outcome for now remains uncertain. Will it be another debacle for Argentina, or a final nail in the coffin of the British Empire?

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Aidan Cross
Crisis Director

Hello! My name is Aidan Cross and I am the Crisis Director for this year’s YouthMUN conference. Currently I am a Second Year International Relations and Chinese student studying at the LSE, and I have been involved in MUN, and by extension Crisis, since starting university. Having delegated, backroomed and chaired crises before, I am excited to be able to help bring you all a rather chaotic and enjoyable experience. Outside of my academia and crisis, I am interested in geopolitics, especially with regards to Russia and China, and semi-frequently write articles on such matters. The Crisis team has put a lot of effort into this committee for you, and will be continuing to do so throughout the conference. Looking forward to seeing how the crisis pans out, and best of luck to you all. 

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Polina Bronder
Backroom Coordinator

Hey! My name is Polina Bronder and I am super excited to be this year's Backroom Coordinator! Currently I am a third year International Relations student studying at the London School
of Economics. I was once randomly introduced to crisis. Not knowing a thing about it I attended a crisis committee. To my surprise, I loved it and have stuck with the specialized 
committee ever since. Now I m super excited to pass on my passion and make an as exciting environment as possible for other delegates. I am certain there are many out there that have the same passion for crisis as I do if only they were to experience a fun crisis committee! As for other hobbies, I love making food (especially  experimenting with new recipes) and making digital art. I am excited to see you at YouthMUN for a blast of a committee!

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Jack Love
Frontroom Chair

Hello there! My name is Jack Love and I am very excited to a chair in this year's YouthMUN Crisis committee. I am a final year International Relations student at the London School of Economics. I have been involved in MUN since my first year of high school but I shifted my focus to prioritize chairing. I am very interested in American grand strategy and the international political economy. If you have any questions about economic sanctions I am more than happy to answer them! I will be looking forward to this year's YouthMUN Crisis. It promises to be very exciting and very interesting. Until then!


Maxwell Rosenfeld
Frontroom Chair

How’s it going? My name is Max and I am looking forward to chairing this crisis committee with Jack and the other backroom staff. Currently, I am in my penultimate year studying International Relations at the London School of Economics as an exchange student from the United States. Back home, I’m a student at Clark University in Worcester Massachusetts, located near Boston. My introduction to Model UN began in High School and I’ve been fortunate to continue competing on my university’s travel team in the North American circuit. Although this will be my first YouthMUN, I have experience staffing my university’s annual high school conference. My interests include International Development and U.S. domestic politics, so feel free to reach out with any questions. Aside from my studies, I love cross country, music, and reading. Can’t wait to meet you all and see some amazing debate!

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Priyadarshan Logeswaran
"The Omnipresent Chair"

Hi everyone, my name is Priya and I will be one your “omnipresent chair” for the crisis committee. I love listening to hip hop, freestyling and doing the most random things with the people I love the most! I'm looking forward to seeing you all at LSE YouthMUN 2023 this year and here's hoping you have the best time! Priya is currently serving as the MUN Director of TeamLSE in the LSSU United Nations Society.

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Solomon Westmancott
Backroom Staff

Hey, my name is Solomon and I'll be backrooming this committee. I'm currently in my second year at LSE studying Economics. I had the pleasure of chairing this conference last year, and introduced crisis elements into our committee throughout, so am looking forward to getting involved with the full crisis experience. In my spare time, I love playing guitar, taking photos with my 35mm film camera, and listening to new obscure music. I can't wait to meet you all, and hope you're as excited as I am for the conference!

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Laila Gauhar
Backroom Staff

Hi, my name is Laila and I'm looking forward to backrooming this committee. Currently I study International Relations and History, so this is an exciting experience for me. I have been involved with MUN since I started university, and in fact I chaired LSEMUN 2022. I'm interested in seeing what will happen this time!

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Felix Fraser
Backroom Staff

Hey! My name is Felix and I will be backrooming this committee. I am a second year International Relations student at LSE. Last year, I chaired a different YouthMUN last year alongside Solomon and had a great time! I'm looking forward to getting involved with crisis this year. Besides uni, I spend most of my time watching sport (especially rugby, football and F1), listening to music and going to gigs. I look forward to meeting you all!

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