General Assembly 1 - Disarmament and International Security Committee


'Combatting the Weaponisation of Information and Media'

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Hi everyone! My name is Deborah and I am the Head Chair of GA1 for this year’s YouthMUN! I am currently studying abroad at the LSE from Northeastern University in Boston, where I am majoring in International Relations. My involvement with MUN began in the 7th grade, and since then, I have attended many conferences in various countries. I was also the president of the Human Rights Committee at THIMUN 2018, and the Deputy Secretary-General of my high school’s MUN. Through MUN, I learned the importance of diplomacy, negotiation, and public speaking. It played a monumental role in helping me choose my intended career path and has contributed enormously to both my personal and professional development. I enjoy watching football in my free time (@ fcbarcelona), and I love travelling, fashion, and recently developed an obsession for baking.


I aim to make this year’s YouthMUN as constructive, fruitful and productive as possible, and I look forward to meeting all of you in February!

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Hello! My name is Sibel and I am a third year Sociology student. I have been involved in MUN since 2012. I was a delegate in international conferences held in Istanbul, Dublin, Lisbon and London. I was also a chair of the UNICEF committee and Deputy Secretary General in conferences held in Baku, Azerbaijan. My interests include creative writing, photography and street art. I am very excited to be your Deputy Chair in the GA1 Disarmament and International Security Committee in the coming conference. I am looking forward to a productive, stimulating and fruitful conference, where we will tackle contemporary issues, especially those relating to the ongoing pandemic.