Economic and Social Council


'Addressing Challenges to Free Trade and Multilateralism'

ECOSOC zi han.jpeg

Hey everyone! My name is Zi Han and your head chair of ECOSOC for LSE YouthMUN 2021. I am a first-year PPE student at UCL, and this will be my fifth year being involved in MUN.


Personally, I see MUN not only as a fulfilling exercise in debate and diplomacy, but also a platform to understand the dynamic world around us, and in so doing, our place in it. Interestingly, I was born in the Former French Concession in Shanghai, and have represented France and China for most of my delegate journey!


In my free time, I love travelling (I once flew 30,000km in 3 weeks) and reading absurdist-surrealist literature (Kafka!). I also like watching football (Real Madrid fan) and hunting for the best Japanese ramen wherever I go.


I look forward to welcoming everyone to the committee and hope that it will be a rewarding experience for all! a


Hey guys! I am Hriiday (I know it is difficult to pronounce) from Mumbai, India. I am your Deputy Chair of the Economic and Social Council for LSE YouthMUN 2021. I am a first-year Economics student, and this will be my third year participating in Model UN. I can truly say that MUN conferences are some of my most fond memories from high school. The rush of adrenaline that one gets when suddenly there is a crisis in committee (be prepared for a few) is thrilling.


In my free time, I am either drinking or watching Netflix in bed. Other than that, I would say that I love following Indian politics and financial markets. Recently, I also started boxing, which is great fun. Since moving to London, you can find me exploring the city. 


I am very excited to meet all the delegates and I am also looking forward to helping any first-time MUNners (so don't worry if you are one). I hope there will be productive debates in committee, and everyone should be prepared for curveballs that could be thrown at them. Lastly, everyone needs to research the topic in detail to produce a comprehensive resolution that the topic needs.