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Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC)


Note: This is a beginner committee and is available to delegates from all years.


Mitigating the adverse economic and social impacts of Artificial Intelligence

Image by DeepMind

Alberto Martino
Head Chair

Dear Delegates, I’m Alberto and I will be your Head Chair for the Economic and Social Council — nice to meet you! As you might guess from my name, I’m from Italy, but I moved to London in September 2022. I am a first-year BSc in Politics and Data Science student at LSE. Clearly, I am interested in international organisations: I enjoy seeing countries building our future. LSE YouthMUN will be the first conference for some of you but please do not be scared: this will be my first time chairing, so we will get through this together and I am sure it will be such a memorable experience for all. As a delegate, I have participated twice in MUN, one of which was in New York City — it has been a wonderful conference. The topics that we have chosen will be insightful and we hope that you will be able to find excellent solutions. I look forward to seeing your charisma and energy during the caucuses! Finally, I am thrilled to meet all of you in the best committee (obviously ECOSOC) in March!

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Maham Tahir
Vice Chair

Hi everyone!! I'm Maham and I will be the vice chair for the Economic and Social Council. I'm a first year Economics and International Social Public Policy student at the LSE and I was introduced to the MUN through studying Economics and Geography at A-levels where I grew interest in understanding the global societal welfare system and how they work in political, economic and social pluralism. The growing difference in social and economic outcomes worldwide allow us to debate, discuss and find modern solutions to challenging issues; making ECOSOC extremely interesting and dynamic. I look forward to seeing you all very soon! It can be very daunting but YouthMUN is a place for everyone whether you be an experienced delegate or a first-timer. I look forward to meeting all of you!!!! 

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