1. Addressing the Effects of Private Corporation Funding on the Breadth and Depth of Coverage of Controversial Global issues.

2. Western Bias in Other UN Committees at YouthMUN 2021


Hey, I'm Sol, and I'm a first year Economics student at the London School of Economics. I'm relatively new to Model UN, having only picked it up this year, and I'm looking forward to chairing for the first time. I look forward to seeing every delegate pushing themselves in committee, whether it's your first conference or you've done more than me. Keep an open mind: Press Corps is different from traditional model UN committees, so be ready to adapt and learn throughout the conference. Good luck, and I look forward to meeting you all.


Hello I’m Eugenia and I’m from Barcelona, Spain. I’m currently a first-year at the London School of Economics, studying PPE (Philosophy, Politics, and Economics). I started doing MUN when I was in high school, like you all, and my passion for discussing and debating world issues has only increased ever since. If this is your first experience with MUN I hope that we can provide you with an amazing experience that will lead you to love MUN as much as we do. Despite having participated in many conferences as a delegate, I have never had the opportunity to chair a committee, so this will be a first for me and I hope to learn with you as we go. If I’m not buried under piles of university work or having a blast MUNing, you’ll probably find me on the ski slopes (when in Spain) or the football pitch (when in London), at the club, or roaming aimlessly around London, admiring the city’s beauty. I’m really looking forward to meeting all of you and seeing some insightful contributions to debate. The topics and format of Press Corps really give you, delegates, an opportunity to think outside the box so take this freedom and impress us!