For YouthMUN 2020, we aim to pursue the equitable target of extending our outreach efforts to several different London state schools to drastically increase the number of state school students participating at YouthMUN this year. These children would be grapple with the most pressing issues of our time, and pursue effective solutions for them. This experience would afford them a holistic understanding of our interconnected world, particularly their role and impact in effecting change.


In addition to reaching a wider audience, we seek to maintain the advanced level of debate demanded by LSE’s YouthMUN by working closely with the schools’ administration and children alike. Weekly visits by our team with presentations and exercises to teach them about the conference, as well as general advice and skills and tips would prepare them thoroughly for the conference. Beginning with helping them overcome any fear of public speaking that they may have through friendly and interactive activities, we would ensure they that learn quick and reliable ways to research, organise their ideas and work with other delegates to make the most of what MUN has to offer. Enabling them to become the best delegate they could would produce the high standard of debate we’ve achieved in the past, as well as allow them to enhance their knowledge and opportunities for the future.


State school students will have the opportunity to attend the conference on a scholarship to increase the accessibility of YouthMUN 2020 for all students.