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Special Political and Decolonisation (GA Fourth Committee) (SPECPOL)


Note: This is a beginner committee and is available to delegates from all years.


Establishing a framework for the effective implementation of the Responsibility to Protect (R2P) agenda


Abhirami Boyina
Head Chair

Greetings Delegates, my name is Abhirami. I am currently pursuing an MSc in International Relations, here at the LSE. Prior to this, I pursued a Postgraduate Diploma in Research and Innovation where (if you can’t tell already) my research skills were tested immensely. Preceding that for my undergraduate studies I pursued a BA- where I triple majored in English, Political Science and History. MUNs have played an important role in shaping who I am today and in determining my choice of study. I started attending MUN conferences in 2018 and have attended 15 conferences in various capacities, as a delegate, Moderator and Vice President. Through MUNs I discovered that research can be enlightening and nuance can be beautiful. MUNs taught me to deal with the complexities of research and public speaking. They taught me to breakdown jargon, use language effectively, apply theory and research into policy and most importantly to contextualize research into a 90 second speech. I carry and use those learnings in other areas of my academic and professional life even today. My hope is that you take away as much as I have from MUNs, if not more. Looking forward to seeing you in committee. 


Rico Mak
Vice Chair

Hey everyone, I am Rico and I will be your Vice Chair of the Special Political and Decolonisation Committee. I am current studying in LSE as a First Year in BSc Politics and Economics. Yet, what I am more interested is actually in Model United Nations! Having to start delegating in Year 13, I participated in various high school and university conferences, in which, I have also chaired a committee that are full with spirts and entertainment! Of course, I understand the struggle to stay awake yet being too intrigued in debating with other delegates! Hence, let me say this - MUN is not somewhere to compete for awards, but a platform to share your passion and get along with your peers (to argue, politely :)). Let us acknowledge that we cannot change everything, but it is within our capability and responsibility to stand up and make some impact at first! Just give it a whirl, and show us who you really are through MUN-ing! As for myself, I come from Hong Kong but had studied in the UK for A-Levels. MUN is something that enlightened me which I hope, it also applies to you. Nonetheless, this Chair wholeheartedly invites every other delegate to be engaged in a fruitful diplomatic discussion. See you guys soon :)

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