Hey hey! I’m Maxwell, your Secretary-General for YouthMUN 2020. I’ll be serving as the head of this conference, overseeing the rest of the Secretariat, managing the logistics and overall administration of the conference, and performing the everyday work necessary to make YouthMUN 2020 a great success. I’m a second-year student at LSE studying Politics and International Relations and lived in Berlin, Germany before coming to London, where I now live in eternal fear of being evicted by a no-deal Brexit. I’ve been involved in Model UN since the 9th grade and have attended a bunch of conferences since then, though YouthMUN will be my first conference in the role of Secretary-General. MUN has helped my develop my vague interest in politics as a young high-school student into a genuine passion for foreign affairs and international relations, and I hope to impart that passion on those of you for whom YouthMUN 2020 will be your first MUN experience. When I’m not working on and/or procrastinating MUN work, I enjoy working with my university’s Amnesty International Society, overusing the phrase “hey hey”, playing the piano, and spending time at the elusive actually affordable London pubs. I also enjoy writing political commentaries and getting in political debates and am very active in some political societies at my university (though I won’t divulge which ones to avoid any hate). On that note, I’m very excited to work with the Secretariat this year to make YouthMUN 2020 and extraordinary conference and look forward to meeting you all in November!



Director-General of Logistics

Hello everyone! My name is Camille and I am honored to serve as the Director General for Logistics of YouthMUN 2020. My role is to oversee the behind-the-scenes preparations of the conference and to work closely with our dear Secretary-General Maxwell, in order to ensure that the week-end runs as smoothly as possible.


I am currently in my third year of university at LSE, studying a BSc in International Relations and History, and although I have only started participating in Model United Nations conferences last year, I have developed a deep passion for it. Indeed, my past involvement in MUN has been nothing short of inspirational and stimulating. I therefore wish that through YouthMUN you will be able to experience the same kind of excitement, and ultimately this will broaden your understanding of the world and its dynamics.


In my spare time, I enjoy going to the West End to see some of London’s best musicals, taking ballet classes, reading French philosophy or literature, and finally reflecting on the meaning of life (as one does).


I look forward to welcoming you all in February and hope that you will find this conference to be thought-provoking as it looks at the role of multilateralism amidst global democratic uncertainty!



Deputy-Secretary-General of Communications

Hey guys! I'm Manas, a first-year studying International Relations and I'll be serving as the Deputy Secretary-General of Communications for this conference. Essentially, I'll be taking charge of all our social media handles, everything on this website and will be making sure all external communication runs smoothly.


I’ve attended over 15 conferences in the last 4 years that I have pursued MUN. In high school, I started Toronto Model United Nations, an independent MUN conference bringing together the best talent in the city. As much as I like standard GA committees, Max has convinced me that crisis is the superior format and I now spend weekends trying to defend Athens from the wrath of the Persian empire. 

Born in India, but brought up in Belarus, Brazil, Thailand and Canada, I've had the nomadic upbringing that characterizes the cliche LSE student. Spending my last three years in Toronto, though, I’ve woven myself into the social fabric of the city and it’s something I still cling on to in London. So, when I’m not spending unhealthy amounts of time doing MUN, I’m devouring unhealthy amounts of poutine and annoying my hall’s common room with an unhealthy stream of Drake’s last album. 



Under-Secretary-General of Academics

Heya everyone, I’m Fernanda– a first year LSE student of Politics and International Relations, and your Deputy Secretary General for Academics. For YouthMUN 2020, I will essentially be the linkage between the Secretariat and the Chairs, ensuring that all things chairing related are of the utmost quality and efficiency. I am an overly proud and patriotic Mexican (I do rarely reveal that I am also half Spanish) with a passion for reading, history, Latino culture, and venturing into the rabbit hole that political discussions and debates can be. I also have an unhealthy obsession for Peaky Blinders and persuading people into listening to the full Hamilton soundtrack. As someone who has had the luck to live in a highly international environment as is the UAE, I have garnered an appreciation for multiculturalism and foreign affairs. These interests pushed me outside my comfort zone and purged my mild anxiety for public speaking when I decided to become a part of MUN when I was in grade 8. Since then, I have learned more about international relations than any foreign policy analysis article could’ve ever taught me and have realized that over-researching is an inexorable evil when preparing for a conference. Additionally, I have also made long-lasting friendships and have had the ability to proliferate my love for MUN as former Secretary General of my school’s MUN club in Abu Dhabi. It is thus, in that spirit, that I am looking forward to working extremely hard this year with my fellow Secretariat members to make YouthMUN 2020 an unforgettable experience!



Deputy-Secretary-General of Outreach

Hi everyone! My name is Eshana Amarasinghe and I am your Deputy Secretary-General for Outreach for the YouthMUN2020 conference. I’m a first year at LSE planning to read Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE). I participated in 10 MUN conferences at home, in Sri Lanka, which ranged from school to city to islandwide conferences. As time consuming as this was, I always managed to go the theatre and act in plays I was passionate about myself - whenever I was free. I’ve always been involved in social service working with programs that fostered rural school access to MUN conferences. In fact, I have been conducting educational initiatives in schools, orphanages and rural homes from a young age individually and through clubs alike. I am confident that my efforts will ensure that the state school involvement in YouthMUN next February proves to be an enlightening and successful experience for all delegates!



Director-General of Administration and Finance

Greetings dear all! It is my pleasure to undertake the fulfilling role as a Director-General of Finance and Administration. My role is to ensure that this conference is established with the highest quality and is part of everyone’s best experience by looking at ways to facilitate activities by looking at budgeting, funding and organising strategies to optimise our capability as a team. 


Being of an Indian heritage, having lived in three different corners there, from borders to coastlines, as well as been brought up in the Netherlands, followed by Kuwait with a touch of Nigeria somewhere between, alongside fruitful exploring countries and long-drives, my life has been a recipe for what it means to be homeless, in a way, a great way.


I am currently a first-year student pursuing a BSc Mathematics and Economics as the versatility of the program allows me to improve on all fronts, from the critical thinking of worldly perspectives, to trying to quantify and analyse inequalities within regions. As someone who grew up in one of the world’s capital for justice and peace, I joined Model United Nations from Year 9 onwards and continued ever since. I always see the symmetry between MUN and my degree, the beauty is together they keep my interests fed. Hereby, I welcome you to join LSE YouthMUN and realise the path you seek to take in the life ahead, of great relevance today, in a world which undergoes a swift and continuous evolution of perspectives.