Hi everyone!  I am so excited to be your Secretary-General for YouthMUN 2022. I am a second-year student at LSE studying BSc International Relations and History. 

The international world seemed so far away from growing up in rural NSW, Australia. But after moving to the United Kingdom a few years ago, I realised the importance of the international world in our lives. The way countries interact diplomatically and militarily impacts the way our world is shaped at every level. Since joining LSE and learning about MUN, it has become a passion that I am keen to share with other young people who can and will help us move forward. I look forward to welcoming you all in March 2022!



Deputy-Secretary-General of Communications

Hi everyone! My name is Rhea and I am the Deputy-Secretary General of Communications for this year's YouthMUN. I am a second-year student at the LSE and I am currently studying BSc International Relations. Outside of MUN, I love reading - Yuval Noah Harari is a favourite of mine - and watching Netflix. 

I have been involved in MUN for the past 6 years, as a delegate, chair, and as a part of the Secretariat. 

 I am very eager to see how the volatility of the current political atmosphere - with COVID-19 and climate change being of great influence - impacts the course of debate and discussion at this year's YouthMUN. I am looking forward to seeing everyone, and I hope you all have a great time at the conference. 

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Deputy-Secretary-General of  Chair Training andAcademics

Hi everyone! My name is Saran (they/he) and I am an MSc Human Rights and Politics candidate at LSE and the Deputy SG of Chair Training and Academics.


I completed my undergraduate studies at UC Berkeley in history and concentrated on the history of human rights as it applies to genocide, memory, and healing. I have been involved in Model UN for 9 years, mainly running conferences, chairing committees, and teaching secondary students. I hope you have a wonderful conference experience this year and hope you all make the most out of committee solutions and center them on uplifting marginalized global narratives. I also enjoy making coffee and boba in my free time and I curate Spotify playlists for fun!

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Director-General for Logistics

Hello! I'm Megha, and I'll be serving as the Director-General for Logistics at YouthMUN this year! I'm currently a first-year studying Law.

I've been involved with MUN for about five years now, from being a delegate to a chairperson and eventually running my school's MUN club, I can't seem to have gotten enough from it! This year's YouthMUN is going to be especially exciting considering the economic, social, and political impact of the pandemic - there's so much to discuss and I know you'll all do justice to the topics we've chosen! Outside of MUN, I'm always on the look for vegan spots to satisfy my never-ending food cravings, and I love discovering new music to listen to.




Director-General for Administration and Finance

Hi, My name is Sarah and I am the Director General for Administration and Finance. I am a third year law student and believe it or not MUN helped me decide to pursue this degree; participating in MUN conferences throughout high school made me realize how interwoven politics was with international law and I wanted to learn more about the law and its role in our world. I am so excited for this year's YouthMUN conference and believe that in today’s world which has truly been disrupted by the COVID pandemic, there is an even greater need for unity and allyship between countries. I am looking forward to seeing how delegates at the conference will be tackling the most pressing concerns of today that are being exacerbated by the UN approaching disunity