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Hi everyone! Hope you and yours are keeping safe and well during these challenging times. I am so excited to be your Secretary-General for YouthMUN 2021, to be held from February 26-28 2021. I think that this year, particularly, the solutions that we form during the conference are more important than ever before because of the urgency associated with tackling this year’s challenges which have a newer, unseen dynamic that world leaders are still struggling to deal with.

Being a PPEist at LSE, MUN is right up my alley. Having participated in conferences since Grade 8 in Sri Lanka, I can confidently say these experiences are what developed my interest in international affairs and shaped my decision to study PPE. From this, to habits like subconsciously going into ‘MUN-mode’ during any official meeting, it has impacted my life in a profound way.

When I’m not at MUN or doing academic work, I really enjoy doing social service. It’s been a part of my life from a young age and especially now, being back in Sri Lanka where I am more familiar with the causes that need support, I am happy to continue doing so. When in London, though, I’d usually be on the hunt for West End theatre tickets on Todaytix for myself and my friends. If not, you’d likely find me with a long (probably dark or depressing) novel at a cafe somewhere.

Finally, I’d like to say that YouthMUN is a wonderful conference with so many opportunities on offer. I discovered this first-hand as last year’s Deputy Secretary-General for Outreach. So, it is my pleasure to serve as your Secretary-General this year. My fantastic Secretariat team and I promise an exciting and enriching conference for everyone!



Deputy-Secretary-General of Communications

Hi everyone! My name is Christie and I am the Deputy-Secretary General of Communications for this year's YouthMUN. I am currently a first-year BSc International Relations student studying at the LSE, and I was born and raised in Hong Kong - a place I am unbelievably proud to be from. I previously went to a boarding school in Surrey, so despite being a first-year student I am no stranger to the UK! This will be my fifth year being involved in MUN and although it will be my first time as part of the secretariat team at a large scale conference, I am still equally stoked to be involved. I adore the challenges that being a delegate brings, whether it be other delegations backing out of resolutions or the committee erupting in complete chaos, I will never not appreciate the joy of being part of MUN. 

In my spare time, I love watching formula one and ice hockey and have an odd passion for the analytics aspects of the NHL. You can probably find me in London going food hunting or searching for my new favorite coffee shop to spend copious amounts of time 'studying' in or fueling my TikTok obsession by lying in bed for hours on end. I'm also part of LSE's UNSOC as a Junior Officer and play lacrosse for the LSE - so when I do have a rare moment of free time I love a good night at Spoons! 

I'm thrilled to welcome you to the LSE in February for what promises to be an enriching and stimulating conference for everyone. See you soon! 

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Director-General of Logistics

Greetings! My name is Mustafa, and I am currently in the second year of my LLB at LSE. It is nothing short of an honour to be serving as the Director General for Logistics for YouthMUN 2021. Being Director General means that my duty is to supervise and execute all the arrangements for the conference, and to ensure that the conference exceeds all expectations.

Three years ago, I started participating in Model United Nations conferences as a delegate, and I have found it to be an amazing experience. Within a very short time, I went on to win at international conferences, such as Yale MUN and Ivy League MUNC. As a result, I was given the honour of serving as the Secretary General of my high school’s Model UN conference (HSMUN), and I was able to organise its most successful edition held to date, with over 400 delegates in attendance. My involvement in MUN conferences has been fruitful and inspirational, and I have learnt key skills like diplomacy, negotiation and the art of public speaking, which can prove to be quite essential in your professional life. Thus, I hope that YouthMUN will be able to provide a platform that allows you to expand your perspective and skillset, both.

In my spare time, I find deep joy in travelling, as it enables me to experience different cultures and outlooks. Moreover, I also hold a strong interest in political affairs, so it is very likely that discourse with me will involve US or Pakistani politics.

I look forward to welcoming you all in February with the hopes that this conference will be a stimulating and insightful experience for you all!

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Under-Secretary-General of Academics

Hello! My name is Sung Jae Park, and I am honored to serve as your Deputy Secretary-General of Academics. I am currently in my first year of studying Politics at LSE. I first started MUN when I was in 6th grade since attending more than twenty conferences worldwide. I was born in South Korea, but, ironically, I have represented North Korea and China in most of my delegate experience! Removing backgrounds and trying to understand others is what I believe MUN’s beauty stands.

In my private time, I like to watch football (Tottenham fan), and I usually go out around London for photography! I also enjoy laughing at political catastrophes such as the Trump-Biden presidential debate or Westminster parliamentary debates (loved John Bercow’s Order shout^^).

Since starting MUN, my dream has always been to study politics and international relations and reach the United Nations. I have tried all available roles in MUN from Secretary-General to administrative staff, and I genuinely can’t recall any experience that wasn’t inspiring and fun. I wish to provide the same for you all.

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Deputy-Secretary-General of Outreach

Hi everyone!! My name is Nabil Kalantar. It’s my honor to be serving as the Deputy Secretary-General of Outreach for YouthMUN2021 this year. My job is to increase diversity at YouthMUN and to invite students from across London to attend the conference. I can’t wait to see you all this year! I’m from the United States, and this year I am studying International Relations and Chinese as a first year at the LSE. I’ve been participating in Model UN since I was 12 years old, and it’s the reason I’m studying International Relations at the LSE today. Knowing how important MUN was in my life, I’m hoping to help make this conference a great experience for all of you as well!


While I’m not studying or preparing for MUN, I’m often practicing taekwondo, spending time with my family, or doing community-building work with the Baha’i Community. My community-building experience has led me to firmly believe in everyone’s capacity to learn, discover their talents, and apply them to the betterment of society: I hope that YouthMUN2021 can help you build your capacities so you can contribute to our world.

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Deputy to the Director-General for Logistics

Hello everyone! My name is Emma and I am honoured to serve as the Deputy to the Director General for Logistics of YouthMUN 2021. I am currently in my first year studying Sociology at LSE. I joined an MUN Club three years ago and as an MUN delegate myself, I represented Russia, Saudi Arabia, Germany and the USA at conferences in Budapest, Oxford and Berlin. I also served as the president of the Milestone MUN Society and organised the first-ever Milestone MUN conference, MiMUN in 2019, which collaborated with the International Campaign to Stop Killer Robots. Through MUN I not only learned about diplomacy and international relations, but about the power of community, negotiation and identity. In my spare time, I enjoy watching Formula One and exploring what factors drive the industry’s inequalities. I also like reading feminist literature, long walks in London and organising charity projects with my friends. I look forward to welcoming you all in February and until than work on organising an exciting, inclusive and challenging conference for you all.

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