United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees


'Evaluating the deteriorating situation of immigrants and refugees in the Americas'

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Hello! My name is Syaiful Iylia Bin Jamalluddin, and it is my honor to serve as thehead chair United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. I am a first year student studying Philosophy and Politics, and was born and raised in Singapore. I participated in my first MUN in 2014, and have participated in numerous MUNs both as a delegate and a chair. These varied experiences nurtured a passion for international relations in me, and I am certain that you will come to love the intricacies related to debating in MUNs too.


When not cramming an essay a night before my deadlines, I love to play football or do volunteer work. One of my most meaningful experiences was volunteering for an NGO in Greece, delivering humanitarian aid to refugees seeking asylum in the EU. I believe that the reason I went was due to my interest in global affairs from my MUN experience, and I do hope that this conference and the topics we will debate on will be as meaningful for you as it is for me.


Hi guys! I am Sarah and I am a second year law student at LSE although right now I’m in Dubai having lived here for 14 years. I have been involved in MUN since I was 13 and have been to many conferences- my most recent one being Oxford International MUN during my first year of university. Through this involvement I’ve developed a passion for international law and it’s relation to politics. Beyond this, I enjoy reading, traveling, cooking and running. An interesting fact about me: I’m pretty adventurous and enjoy extreme sports- I’ve skydived, bungee jumped, snorkeled with seals and am an advanced padi diver! I’m looking forward to working with you guys this weekend