United Nations Human Rights Committee


'Evaluating the access to human rights during the COVID era, especially the right to education and movement'

Hello everyone! I hope you are keeping safe during these challenging times. My name is Anna Kokla, I am from Greece and I am second year law student at the LSE. It is my pleasure and honour to be serving as the head chair of the Human Rights Council.

This will be my seventh year overall participating in MUN conferences, and my sixth time as a chair, however my first time  in a conference in London! During my MUN career, I have managed to serve as a chair in The Hague International Model United Nations conference, and as the Secretary General in my high school’s conference.

In my spare time, I enjoy literature and traveling, as well as playing (and watching) tennis! 

I look forward to meeting you all in February! I am sure that YouthMUN will be a wonderful conference offering many opportunities to every participant.

Hi - my name’s Imogen! I’m currently in my first year, studying BSc Politics and International Relations. In my free time, I love cooking and playing piano, and just joined the UCL rugby society. You can probably find me walking around London looking lost, although I’m generally inside reading and pretending to study.


I’ve participated in many conferences in my four years of MUN experience, and have taken much interest in online MUN during the pandemic as well. Included in the conferences I’ve been to is YouthMUN, as the US in Year 12 and Kuwait at the last conference.


I can’t wait to come to YouthMUN for a third year, just in a different role! I look forward to seeing you all working - hopefully together - to come up with innovative solutions to the problems you’ll face. See you in February, and good luck with your preparation!