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United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC)


Note: This is an intermediate committee and is available to delegates from all years. However, Years 10-11 delegates seeking a more advanced committee are recommended to apply to this committee rather than other committees.


Topic 1Combatting human trafficking and migrant smuggling in Europe and the Middle East 

Topic 2Enhancing member states' capabilities in tackling organised crime

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Vedant Rajvanshi
Head Chair

Hey my name is Vedant, I am a first year BSc Politics Student and I will be one of the co-chairs for the UNODC at this year's Youth MUN. I have experience chairing high school conferences in the past and look foundly at my times participating in MUN when I was a teenager; I hope to pass on this passion to you guys and ensure that you have a fruitful, but crucially an enjoyable experience at YouthMUN 2023. MUN has also been a great way to learn new skills and grow your confidence, so wheather this is your 1st conference of 15th, I will ensure that everyone has a good time at this conference. More generally, I enjoy playing cricket, reading and furthering my passion for politics by campaigning for parties at the local level. I look foward to seeing you all in March and hope you all are as excited as me.


Daniel Piper
Vice Chair

Hi! I'm Daniel, and I'm one of your co-chairs on the UNODC. I'm a first year History and Politics student at the LSE, and I got back from my first conference at the end of November. I'm both looking forward to chairing a conference for the first time at this year's LSE YouthMUN, and looking forward to meeting all of you! I'm confident that our committee will be full of intelligent and insightful debate, and I'll be hoping to see all of you at University conferences in the future too. This is my first year doing MUN, and I came into it shy and with a fear of public speaking. Don't worry if you're nervous - I'm sure you'll all love it as much as I've come to. You'll leave the conference with new friends and new experiences which will stand you in good stead for your work or university applications. Outside of MUN, you can generally find me studying or in the gym. I wish you all the best of luck in your research, and can't wait to get started come March.

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