United Nations Security Council


1. Revising the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (North Korea) Sanctions Regime 

2. Crisis 

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Hi everyone! My name is Kelvin and I will be one of your head chairs for the Security Council this year. I am from Hong Kong, and a first-year student studying Politics and International Relations at LSE. I’ve always been interested in understanding how domestic and world dynamics affect the very lives that we find ourselves in, especially in such turbulent times. While this is my first time chairing and my first year at MUN, I’ve benefited greatly from the experiences as a delegate and I hope you find this experience rewarding as well! While I understand the Security Council can be notoriously one of the most challenging committees you will find yourself in, I assure you that we will have a fabulous time together and a good opportunity to come out of your comfort zone (we’re doing this together!). Outside MUN I am someone who loves to embed himself in nature, an avid Jacob Collier fan and I am a bit of a programming geek. I’m so excited to be meeting you all soon (hopefully in person!)


Hello, my name is Laila, I’m glad to introduce myself as one of your head chairs for this
conference! I’m a first-year International Relations and History student at LSE, and this will be
my first time chairing at MUN. I am new to the world of MUN, and I have to confess that I didn’t
even know it was a thing when I was in sixth form. My experiences the past few months have
been extremely enlightening and rewarding, as I have an interest in diplomacy, and so I hope to
help you guys have the best experience possible too. The UNSC is an exciting and often tough
committee to participate in, but that shouldn’t discourage anyone from speaking up and
engaging in the debate! I am really looking forward to March!