United Nations Security Council


'Tackling the Territorial Dispute over the South China Sea'

Hi Delegates, I hope everyone's keeping positive and testing negative!My name is Niharika, and I am a first-year Law student at LSE. I've been a part of the Singapore MUN circuit for the last five years and, I am stoked to start in London! Fully aware of UNSC's notoriety as one of the most challenging committees, I assure you that we will have a fantastic time together (despite Covid).When not involved in a MUN, I regularly watch football (Bayern fan, Mia San Mia) and waste my time learning TikTok dances. I hope that everyone has a great time at YouthMUN 2021 and I'm so excited to see you all! 

Hi everyone! My name is Seann Lin and I'll be the deputy chair for Security Council at YOUTHMUN this year. I'm a first-year student from Hong Kong studying BSc Politics and International Relations. I've been involved in MUN for close to 5 years now, attending numerous conferences both local and abroad. I've learnt so much during my time as a delegate, and hopefully I'll be able to put those things to good use as your chair and assist you in having a memorable conference. In my free time, I enjoy playing football, and am also an avid Formula 1 fan. I look forward to meeting you all soon!