World Health Organization


'Addressing the challenges of distributing potential vaccinations for Covid-19'

Hi. My name is Joel and I am in my first year studying economics. I am absolutely delighted to be the head chair of the World Health Organisation at Youthmun 2021.


Born and bred in London, I first became involved in MUN six years ago. I have weirdly fond memories of my first speech before the General Assembly, a little trembling year 9 student who received the largest round of applause purely because the audience thought I was cute. What happened to me? I fell in love with MUN and have taken part in conferences every year since, first as a delegate, then later as a chair. Underwhelmingly compared to my fellow chairs, I have yet to attend a conference outside London.


As a wannabe economist, I pride myself on trying to understand causes over narratives. As such, I love how MUN rewards you for supporting and building upon others’ ideas, rather than just trying to shut them down. There’s something special about those eureka moments when you hear someone say something truly thought provoking. In my free time, I play way too much sudoku, am an avid NFL fan (bolt up), and generally just love the outdoors (totally not cliché).


Among the first pieces of advice I ever received about MUN was to avoid the term ‘fruitful debate’. That said, I know we’re going to have a fun and fruitful conference, and I can’t wait to meet you all.